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Servicing both residential and commercial properties, our team at Simply Cool have vast industry experience when installing new air conditioning systems. Whether you’re at work or at home, trying to function day-to-day in hot, stuffy surroundings is tough. Installation of new or an additional air conditioner will provide you a comfortable environment no matter the season.


In Western Australia, air conditioning is an important aspect of any home or workplace. At Simply Cool, we take careful consideration of aesthetics when installing your new air conditioner including:

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At Simply Cool, our experienced team are happy to visit your property to provide a free measure and no obligation quote. During our visit we’ll discuss the types of systems on the market, share our knowledge, and understand your wants and needs. This will enable us to provide our professional perspective as to which options which will suit you best.

Air Conditioner Installations


Installation of a high-quality system ensures your air conditioner will remain reliable for many years. This is why at Simply Cool, we only install new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems.

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Running Costs

Different systems will entail various running costs depending on how you use them. Understanding how you use your air conditioner will allow us to provide you cost saving advice so keeping cool doesn’t set you back any more than necessary.

Installation Location

The internal location of your unit will affect the efficiency and ongoing running costs of your newly installed air conditioner. Our team will discuss your preferred installation location while equally considering aesthetics and functionality.

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Smart Air Conditioning

We can install AirTouch 5 smart controllers with a stunning new design and a range of industry first features. With AirTouch, artificial intelligence helps manage temperatures and airflow in each room of your home, for optimum comfort and energy efficiency.


Before installation begins, our team at Simply Cool can design a 3D digital concept to showcase how/where your new air conditioning system will be situated. This will also provide a visual representation of how efficiently the system will operate if placed in different areas.

Split Systems

Split system air conditioners are an ideal choice with their space saving and economical features. Plus, they will efficiently heat or cool specific rooms quickly and quietly.

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evaporative air conditioning unit on roof

Evaporative Air

Evaporative air conditioners are an environmentally friendly option utilising the fresh air from outdoors. These systems have low power usage making them an ideal cost-effective option.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Efficient, reliable, and a great long-term investment, ducted air conditioning units are ideal for workplaces and homes alike. Cool or heat multiple rooms easily for comfort in any season.

Ducted Air Con House
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Why Choose Simply Cool

We take pride in providing an honest, ethical, (and often entertaining) service to all our clients. Ensuring we’re delivering high-quality products alongside exceptional customer service is vital.

Looking for Air Conditioning?


Servicing both residential and commercial properties, Simply Cool Air Conditioning are leaders in their field with advanced experience maintaining, repairing, upgrading, and installing all types of air conditioners. Providing guidance, education, and high-quality products, you can rest assured your AC system will produce clean, fresh air for years to come.

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Upgrade your existing air conditioning unit with Simply Cool. If you’re unsure whether you’d like to stick with the same system you currently have, add an extension on your current system, or change to a different option, our team can visit your property to discuss your best options. Included in upgrading your system is the design, installation, and removal of your old system.


Like anything, wear and tear can occur with your air conditioning system and repairs may be required. If your system isn’t cooling or heating as it should our team at Simply Cool can visit your property to assess and diagnose any issues, provide an honest quote, and source high-quality parts for repair to avoid future issues occurring.

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Our team at Simply Cool have become a trustworthy choice for businesses throughout Perth who require HVAC design, installation, maintenance, and repair services.


Regular servicing and maintenance ensures your air conditioner functions in premium condition year-round. A poorly maintained system can sometimes go unnoticed until components require repair which may be costly. At Simply Cool, we recommend servicing air conditioning systems bi-annually to prevent issues arising, and ensure the air quality is clean, fresh, and germ-free.

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